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We exist to help brands develop next generation Omni-channel platforms that connect the digital and physical worlds into one unified customer experience.

By doing so, we are providing customers with a more useful, flexible and enjoyable brand and shopping experience across the whole path to purchase.

Our platforms also provide increased business value to retailers through smarter advertising, more retailer control, and richer business intelligence.

The Omni-channel Effect for Businesses

  • 58%
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • 54%
  • Increased In-Store Basket Size
  • 42%
  • Increased Online Basket Size
  • 41%
  • Increased Shopping Frequency
  • Source: "The Omnichannel Challenge: Strategies That Work", Oracle, Oct 2014.

Our Approach

An omni-channel experience design process

With the customer at the heart of our planning process, our experience design process aims to create a seamless, useful and rewarding customer experience across the whole path to purchase in both the digital and physical environments.

This includes:

  • Customer, Business and Technology research and requirements

  • Path to purchase requirements mapping

  • Experience design connecting online and physical touch-points

  • 3rd Party Services identification and research

  • Media and CRM strategic development

  • Experience and UI design across all devices including web, mobile and kiosks

The Profero Omni-Channel Planning Process

We design and build enterprise level omni-channel platforms that power multiple device experiences including desktop, mobile and kiosks.

This includes:

  • Enterprise level technology stack including integration of central CMS, Data and CRM systems

  • Multi-device development (kiosks, responsive web mobile apps, screens etc)

  • Directory and indoor navigation development

  • Research and integration with 3rd party partners

  • Retailer portal development

  • Set up and integration with proximity and sensing technology

Wayfinding for Omni-Channel Platforms

The future of marketing has arrived in the form of personalisation engines, marketing automation and location based marketing.

We have the expertise to plan, develop and roll out programs that help brands take measured and pragmatic steps to trial and roll out activities in these three areas.

Our experience in setting up up robust business intelligence systems also ensures customers activity and corresponding KPIs can be measured across the entire eco-system.

Marketing Engine for Omni-Channel Platforms

Who We Work With

Virgin Trains
The Journey Planner
Real-Time Fashion



We have developed eCom and CMS platforms that have powered some of the worlds most famous retailers in ASOS, DFS and Primark.

Thanks to partnerships with CMS and eCom platform providers, we are at the forefront of developing next generation omni-channel platforms that can power personalised experiences across web, mobile and physical spaces.

With such an extensive track record we are now part of Sitecore's Partner Advisory council which helps set the product roadmap in Asia.

We have capabilities to tackle projects requiring Sitecore, Adobe, EpiServer and Umbraco expertise.


We have experience planning, prototyping and rolling out large scale Wayfinding solutions.

  • Business analysis to identify requirements and technology constraints

  • Running the tender process to identify Wayfinding technology partners

  • Technology architecture and systems integration of Wayfinding into a CMS platform

  • Set up and maintenance of Wayfinding and beacon network

Wayfinder example


There are now many clever technologies to that sense people in physical spaces.

While these sensors provide an unlimited amount of uses, we like to focus on using them to improve upon customer experience or enhancing communication targets.

We have experience in planning, building and rolling out systems that utilise the following:

Facial Recognition

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