In the UK, retailers have typically fought for a greater share of wallet by unveiling that blockbuster Christmas ad.

M&S wanted to do more than that. They wanted to find a fun, original way of connecting the brand with the giving spirit of Christmas, keeping the brand front of mind; driving footfall and sales.

So they didn't want much for Christmas then.


We reinvented the kids game Pass The Parcel for desktop and mobile, spreading it via Facebook making prizes redeemable in-store. Now it its 4th year of development we introduced a pre-registration period to supercharge virality when it went live.

Every day M&S invited people to play this naturally social game with friends on Facebook. And they did. When they received a parcel, they opened it; if they didn't win they passed it on, spreading the Christmas cheer.

Over 46,000 prizes were redeemable in-store via mobile coupons, driving people to M&S stores up and down the country during this busy retail period.


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  • We changed the rules of play for Pass The Parcel, and grew M&S brand presence dramatically. We reached an audience that drove participation, so much so that 1 million people played it.


  • In all, there were 15 million parcels passed and 355 million newsfeed posts.


  • The social game created 16½ years of play in just 72 hours, increasing followers on M&S Facebook page by 250k. Giving M&S a very Merry Christmas.


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