Reinventing the online travel booking experience for an international hospitality group 


Increase in booking


Increase in customer satisfaction


Increase in 12 visit-to-booking conversions

Making time for vacation is a priority for most consumers, and today’s traveler is both technologically savvy and highly discerning. When it’s time to book a trip, guests use all tools and channels available to shop around for the richest experiences at the most reasonable cost available.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts set out to meet this expectation by transforming its website from a dated booking engine to a highly engaging, user-centric place for guests to effortlessly build their dream trips.

  • Founded in 1989

  • Headquartered in London, UK

  • Hospitality & Real Estate

  • 120 hotels in 79 locales

  • 1,008m revenue (2017)

"Business transformation only delivers value when it's centred around the consumer experience. This mindset—fundamental to MullenLowe Profero's approach—has delivered a transformational solution for Millennium Hotels and Resorts".
Paul Soon
CEO, MullenLowe Group Southeast Asia


Executing a Multi-Site, Multi Region Experience

The pace of change in online travel booking is set by consumer demand. The companies that thrive are those that can deliver a modern, highly responsive digital experience when and where their guests look for it.

Despite consistent revenue growth in recent years, Millennium Hotels and Resorts needed to completely redesign, integrate, and streamline its online experience, including a more attractive and interactive interface that makes browsing and purchasing travel a seamless process for guests.

Easier said than done. Delivering a single, fully-integrated platform that is easy to use, highly scalable, and optimized for mobile meant integrating more than ten backend/third-party systems across 120 hotels in five regions. The technical challenges of such a global integration were considerable.

  • Implement new user interface,branding, and design

  • Integrate 10+ disparate backend/third-party systems for different programs, services and regions

  • Redesign and relaunch for 120 hotels, 5 regions, 6 languages, 25 currencies

The solution

An integrated website platform built from the ground up 

To achieve this kind of transformation across Millennium Hotels worldwide interests required a thorough planning and prioritization phase.

The first step was to bring stakeholders, business decision makers, and implementation teams together for an intensive two-week planning and discovery workshop. This was an opportunity for both Millennium Hotels and MullenLowe Profero to detail business objectives, identify pain points, and outline the technical requirements for this project.

Following the two-week discovery workshop, the MullenLowe Profero creative team helped develop a comprehensive style guide to ensure consistency across all Millennium Hotels websites—an important reference point as the project moved to scale.

From there, the implementations team migrated the company’s existing systems over to a single backend platform. This was primarily done using Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) and Experience Platform (XP) with Sitecore Experience Database (xDB). This new platform enabled the team to create a modular website design that, alongside new IP detection, supports a seamless booking and mobile experience across all countries and sites.

"Creating Creating enjoyable guest experiences begins with the booking process, and we are pleased to announce the launch of a global mobile app that allows travelers to seamlessly book stays at Millennium Hotels and Resorts properties around the world"

Frank Kermarrec
Senior Vice President at Millennium Hotels and Resorts


From Traditional Hotel Booking to a Launchpad for Adventure

The Millennium Hotels website was a true transformation. What was once a more transactional booking site is now an engaging, highly intuitive journey-building experience. The new site design reflects the essence of the Millennium Hotels brand and its vision for an elevated guest experience.

Aside from enjoying vibrant imagery and informative content, Millennium guests can now book first-class accommodations with price match guarantee, review special offers with smart recommendations, and customize their room search based on specific preferences. This has led to an 18% increase in booking volume and, perhaps more significantly, a 30% increase in customer satisfaction since launch.

Members of the MyMillennium loyalty program are now able to earn points for all purchases on the site (including city experiences and tours). They can pay completely or partially for their purchases using points, compare prices against other travel providers, and get real-time price match and upgrade benefits. This, alongside a more intuitive sign-up process, has lead to a 10x increase in loyalty program registrations.

Finally, the integrated backend Sitecore integration means that the new millenniumhotels.com is highly scalable: as the company continues to grow, they have the capability to launch new hotel sites in less than a week. 

  • 18% increase in booking volume

  • 21% increase in direct revenue

  • 30% increase in customer satisfaction

  • 10x increase in loyalty sign ups

  • 2018 Sitecore Award Winner- best use of a Sitecore as a DXP


"Innovation only works when it delivers a value exchange between customer and business. This recognition from Sitecore culminates many months spent reimagining the customer experience in a way that creates tangible business impact"

Howard Wu
Chief Technology Officer, Millennium Hotels and Resort


As Millennium Hotels moves into the next phase of its guest experience, it is poised to continue evolving its mobile experience. Thanks to its new integrated backend, the company can expand the scope of its mobile app to set the new standard in hotel experiences by engaging guests throughout the entire hospitality experience

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