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Global e-commerce platform redesign

Despite the brand’s strong design credentials and prestigious creative heritage, by summer 2020 felt like a destination for doodlers and daydreamers. Our challenge was to put the icon back on its pedestal and set apart from competitor brands and the e-commerce giants benefitting from the accelerated growth of online shopping during the pandemic.

Brand Experience UX Design
Brand Experience UX Design

We set out to establish a fresh vision: through the products it sold, the stories it told, and the inspiration it offered. We wanted to create a platform designed to fuel purposeful creativity. It would be both a brand home and an e-commerce destination.

In designing the experience for, we started with four key experience principles that underpinned purposeful creativity: the meaningful discovery of serendipity, narrative focus of simplicity, personalization with significance, all underpinned by an ethos of storytelling.

We simplified the homepage to create a narrative focus on Moleskine’s legendary past, present of craft and innovation, as well as a future of creativity aligned with purpose. Purposeful expressions of the iconic notebook are literally centred as the user scrolls. We also used micro-interactions to add brand elements onto familiar e-commerce patterns.

We integrated the exclusive personalisation and gifting services we know give users a reason to shop on Moleskine’s own site instead of third-party platforms like Amazon, and moved away from the e-commerce convention of listing product categories in navigation to a site structure that that balances e-commerce with product discovery, brand discovery, social purpose and editorial content.