ClientNHS England

Services Strategy, Data, CRM, Content, UI, UX

Inspiring the next generation of nurses

Government funding cuts and the removal of student bursaries had resulted in a dramatic decline in nursing degree applications. With the NHS already facing a nursing shortfall of over 34,000, its survival was reliant on driving a pipeline of applicants. Our role was to convert inspired audiences through a simplified web experience and a personalised, intuitive CRM programme. We designed a unique journey per audience, guiding our key targets of Teens and Career Switchers through specific barriers and motivating them to application.

Strategy Data CRM Content UI UX
Strategy Data CRM Content UI UX




We created a bespoke experience that was tailored to each applicant based on their interests and lifestage needs. Our behavioural triggers ensured ongoing engagement, activating specific reminders at key moments in the journey to drive urgency towards deadlines and nudge to final degree application.


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