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A mobile-first transformation powered by modern experiences


An End-to-End Customer Experience

Roadmap for an Iconic Brand

Harley-Davidson® is a true American icon. Famed for its bold, maverick spirit, the company has embarked upon an ambitious program of growth. By 2027, H-D aims to increase its United States riders by two million, expand international business by 50%, and launch 100 new motorcycle models.

To achieve such ambitious growth goals requires an equally ambitious digital transformation strategy. H-D partnered with MullenLowe Profero to create a modern, mobile-first experience for new and prospective riders. For a company with eight business units in over 100 countries, this kind of update was no small ask. 


An Ambitious Expansion into New Audiences and Products

Build 2 Million New Riders in the U.S.

Adding new riders in the U.S. market will keep H-D cruising for another century and beyond. Digital efforts are set squarely on providing exceptional online experiences, inspiring new riders who will one day carry the torch for the sport and the brand forward

Grow International Business to 50% of Annual Volume

H-D continues its focus on developed and emerging markets internationally, where the strength of the H-D brand is just as strong as it is within the U.S. Growing reach and brand awareness in these markets will require a broadened understanding of audiences and their individual experiences and barriers

Launch 100 New High Impact H-D® Motorcycles

The H-D product plan is the most aggressive in the company’s history – high impact, iconic motorcycles that will reinvent the product segments where they compete. Foundational digital platforms allow for rapid and efficient product expansion.


A Roadmap for Experience-led Transformation to Support Organizational Goals

Even a company with such a widely regarded brand identity as Harley-Davidson® cannot afford to rely on the strength of its heritage and products alone. Growing H-D ridership means expanding to support new types of riders seeking modern ways to connect with the brand. How these riders research products, shop bikes, and even plan rides depends on highly responsive digital experiences globally.

The first step was to develop an organization-wide digital transformation roadmap. With the assistance of the MullenLowe Profero team, stakeholders from Marketing and Technology participated in a series of future-state experience workshops. The objective was to align all relevant business units around a bold vision to transform the entire customer experience. These meetings were the genesis for a three-year prioritized road map, as well as a new digital growth unit within H-D to drive the necessary changes forward.

These sessions made clear that the mobile experience would be at the center of the new omnichannel approach at H-D. To support this mobile-first approach, the implementations team built a mobile-first across all 46 unique sites, including a wholesale migration from CQ5 to AEM. This migration was not just about moving existing content over from the old m-Dot site, but creating a new layout and flow that meets the expectations of modern mobile users.

The team then underscored its move to a mobile-first experience by creating a new rider companion app. The app gives riders access to tools and features like ride planning and GPS navigation, all from their smartphones. The app also introduces a new rider challenge feature, a form of gamification designed to increase adoption and engagement.

  • Three-year prioritized road map for digital transformation

  • Established digital growth unit

  • Sought alignment across all business units

  • Introduced agile approach for rapid experience design, prototyping and user testing

  • Built mobile-first across all 46 unique sites

  • Migrated from CQ5 to AEM

  • Created Connected rider companion mobile application

  • Launched unified profile systems


Tapping into Growing Mobile Demand 

The migration to an integrated, mobile-first digital experience led to noticeable gains in key adoption and engagement metrics. Since launching the website redesign and mobile app, H-D has seen steady growth in organic website traffic, mobile conversion rates, and ride bookings. Perhaps most importantly, H-D is now well-poised to meet increasing consumer demand for seamless, mobile-first experiences.


Build 2 Million New Riders in the U.S.

  • 115,000 rides (and counting): Our consumers navigated more roads via the brand's 1st companion mobile app
  • 34% increase in learn to ride sign-ups in the US
  • 379% increase in test ride sign-ups

Grow International Business to 50% of Annual Volume

  • 154% increase in overall site traffic from emerging markets
  • 257% increase in mobile traffic from emerging markets

Launch 100 New High Impact H-D® Motorcycles

  • Customer experience improvements on were synchronized with new motorcycle product releases
  • Realized 20-25% year-on-year organizational cost efficiencies when launching new motorcycle products

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