CIO Advisor Recognises MullenLowe Profero as a Top 10 Digital Consulting Company

MullenLowe Profero’s approach to experience-led digital transformation continues to be recognized as industry leading in APAC.  Following recent recognition from Forrester as a Contender in 2018 Mid-Size Digital Expeirence Agency Report, CIO magazine has named MLP as a “Top 10 APAC Digital Marketing Consulting/Services Company – 2019”. 

An Award Winning Effort From a Challenger Mindset

The digital marketing services market continues to evolve in APAC with greater fragmentation across brands, geographical boundaries & digital platforms. Businesses today are increasingly look to with work digital marketing partners who can provide holistic solutions across their own complex eco-systems and provide skillsets to unlock the value from their brand and technology investments. For the MLP approach to be recognized by CIO editorial board after a comprehensive study of leading digital marketing solution providers continues to support our approach to providing experience-led transformation services to our clients.

Data Insights at the Core of Our Service Model

The lifeblood of MullenLowe Profero’s service model is data. Why? Because the company’s philosophy is that data insights of a consumers behavior become the single source of truth or true voice ; a potent indicator of customer preferences; and predictor of future behavior.

Our priority remains to invest new data insights talent, approaches and technologies to place these insights at the core of our customer deliverables, whether it is media, CX, creativity or business transformation. Data is increasingly becoming the foundation for our customer engagement by either the embedding data insights in the initial project phases or creating strategies to create data to support achieving the clients objectives.

"Instead of embedding analytics at the end of the funnel, we apply it right at the front end of the data collection process. That way we solve the biggest pain point, which is generating quality data and the ability to derive meaningful insights from it along with putting together data that comes from different sources."
Vincent Digonnet

Unlocking Success through Hyperbundling of Services

We continue to evolve our services to meet the needs of our clients from delivering creative, media and customer experience services to incorporate deep MarTech platform capabilities, customer data insights and meaningful transformation consulting services. At the core of the MLP approach is the ability to tap into the broader network office skillsets to create the best team to solve the clients problem – this is what we refer to as Hyperbundling. This creates a win-win scenario for the client to simplify the agency management process and allows us to develop deep client partnerships to create the best solution for the largest business impact.

The successes of increasing the Peninsula Hotels digital experience from 35th to 11th in 2 years would not be possible without an adaptive multi-dispaplinary approach.

"By adopting the hyperbundling approach, we are already addressing the problem, bringing together the best people for a particular job who are otherwise spread across different offices and utilizing cutting edge technologies."
Vincent Digonnet


To have MullenLowe Profero approach to hyperbundling our creative, CX, technology, data insights and consulting services recognized as industry leading supports our ambitions of challenging the norms in business transformation and helping our clients get an unfair share of attention. Mixed with a willingness to adapt a project team, brief or approach as the clients’ needs evolve is one of the key differentiators clients call out time and again as to the success of our ongoing partnerships.

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