Humans are unreliable narrators. We are poor at articulating our own motivations, and even worse at predicting our future actions. Only through our actual behaviors are true preferences revealed.

That is why data is the true voice of the consumer.

Often, that voice is aggregated: individual addressability is lost and consumers get a one-size fits all solutions that fits none of them.

To build world class experiences that produce measurable results for our clients, we collect and action on at the individual consumer level. We anatomize data using sophisticated predictive modeling and data science techniques to enrich our understanding of each consumer, and build AI driven services.

These data services directly power our customer experiences in the form of embedded intelligence that anticipates consumer needs and proactively delivers on them, using personalization and journey orchestration.

The more strategically we collect data, the better we are able to create unfair experiences. 

Hence, why we design for data creation from the start. 

This approach drives our product roadmaps, makes our solutions faster to deploy, minimizes time to market, reaches the optimization phase more quickly and makes the best use of human creative talent. 

It creates a sustained impact over time: data generates incremental value and expands the possibility space. This, we call data activation.